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Tick9 – April Update

Tick9 has a New Website!!!

We’ve been building our new site with Mattix design for the majority of 2022 and we are finally ready to go live. Everyone at Tick9 is really pleased with the final result, we feel the website has a crystal clear design and is very easy to navigate across desktop and mobile. Let me give you a few key insights into what’s available on our brand new website.


Our homepage showcases ‘Our Services’ the key ways we can ensure efficiency and consistency of the software systems within your business. Supplemented with our Tick9 robot, we explain how we offer ‘Data Intelligence’, ‘Business Solutions’ and ‘Business Support’. Visit the site’s homepage from here. 


Read about our solution toolkit, where we explain some of the key softwares we can deliver for you. We give some key background on some of our softwares but it really is the tip of the iceberg, there is an abundance of software available to improve the efficiency of your business. 

Case Studies

You can check out some of the projects we deliver and support, on our case studies page:  We’re looking to add more and more here over the next month so look out for new updates on projects we’re working on at the moment.

Sue Fewster joins our growing team

At Tick9, we continue to expand our team of data engineers and software developers. Sue Fewster has joined the team, from Pinnacle computing, and brings her experience of software systems to the team. Her key skills are relevant to our projects dealing with large databases in Microsoft SQL. 

Sue has given us some thoughts as she gets to grips with her work at Tick9: ‘It’s great to be joining the Tick9 team, I’ve worked well with Rob and Pat so far assisting with their projects as well as dealing with separate tasks myself. Having collaboration across the team is great to give each other ideas and maintain best practices across the projects we deliver.”

Tick9 April Meeting

Project Delivery

Hear from Director, Steve Fewster, who notes some of the exciting developments that have taken place during the month.

“April has seen some cloudy skies at Tick9. We have been working through two key reporting projects this month amongst other things. Our customers have taken the opportunity to leverage the Qlik SAAS active intelligence platform. Taking the hybrid option  it allows them to leverage all the existing applications and data work that has been carried out on Qlik internally and use the Qlik cloud platform to deliver a fast, mobile ready reporting platform to all their users. Qlik SaaS has a great added value feature set built in at no extra cost with automated reporting, alerting, subscriptions and augmented analytics available to all users.”

Discussing some of the new developments with low-code and ERP solutions, Fewster added. “We also expanded our Appsmith deployments this month. One manufacturing customer, who has a member of staff with basic coding skills, has now started to deliver internal business applications on the low code platform enabling them to remove manual processes and integrate their ERP across departments. 
A new client has also started the journey to a new improved ERP solution. Fact finding requirements with key members of staff to create a document to work from, we have been guiding them on how to build their short list, and prepare for the scoping and demonstration stages with the prospective suppliers.”

Hope you enjoyed our April Update!! We’ll be posting a monthly update to keep up with everything that’s going on with Tick9. Any other questions get in touch at:

Harry Dixon
Marketing Executive

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