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Tick9 – May Update

May has been a busy month for the Tick9 team, we have recapped some of the highlights this month.

New partnership with Cyferd announced plus training day

Cyferd/Tick9 Training Day

On May 11th, digital transformation company Cyferd announced our partnership with them aimed at delivering their solution to existing and new clients. Cyferd is a low code platform enabling users to create scalable and secure business applications in the cloud. Tick9 are pleased to add this solution to our ever growing roster of digital software. 

Director, Steve Fewster, is looking forward to using the Cyferd system now that we have had our enablement session, delivered by Cyferd on the 26th of May.

“Cyferd provides a great solution to build integrated applications on a data-first platform,” Fewster notes. “This reduces time-consuming tasks with no-code automation for our customers’ operational systems.”

To read more about our partnership with Cyferd follow the link here:

Tick9 (Steve) go international

Danbury, USA

Steve visited client Arcmed for a 9 day business trip delivering ERP and Power BI projects for sites in America.

Steve will be giving his write up of the solutions delivered and the future partnership strategies implemented in his America Update, which is coming soon. Our recap here will focus on more of what else Steve managed to fit into this trip so we asked him a few quick fire questions of how things went.

Did you feel the jet lag? Top tip is to stay awake as long as you can first day back to make sure you sleep through. Not really, first day back I did travelling up from Heathrow but had a nap at one of the service stations to make sure I was driving safe!

Best restaurant you went to? What did you have? We visited this one a few times. The broccoli salad is amazing and back rib pasta.

Are the portions that much bigger? Yes, even ordered two half portions and ended taking some back in a doggy bag.

Any sightseeing? One round of golf at the Richter Public course. Brilliant layout and views.

Most American phrases you heard? Laser guided focus.

Best thing you did? Found the local cross fit gym to offset all the food!

What do you wish you could have done? Watched an NFL game, probably on my next visit.

Notice any major changes between the US and UK?

More similarities really, shortage of skilled and capable staff. Fuel price rises causing issues everywhere.

Qlikworld Virtual May 17th-19th

During the month, Qlik held their Qlikworld events which convenes partners of the company across the world in virtual events and a conference held in New York. 

Various events across the 17th -19th showed some of Qliks new features, plans for the future and best practise of using the software. We enjoyed listening to some great new ideas in the world of Qlik and learned from some excellent webinars hosted online throughout the week. Next month partner events will be taking place in multiple cities across the globe on the Qlik world tour and no doubt we are looking forward to checking those events out too!!

Kirkella cricket club golf day

Hull Golf Club

On Friday the 13th, Tick9 entered a team into Kirkella cricket club charity golf day. With Steve being on business in America, it was left to myself to fill the void and ensure we had a Tick9 employee on the team. After finishing last in the previous years event (players returning from last year’s debacle were seeking revenge), the Tick9 team managed to finish a respectable 13th out of 21 teams. 

Everyone who played in the team had a good day and played some “okay” golf. But, more importantly, the cricket club raised some valuable funds to be used to further increase the growing junior members and teams they have. Good luck to them and well done on organising an excellent day for all those involved!

That’s all for now as we wrap up a highly successful month in May, hopefully we can keep the momentum going into June and through the rest of the year.


Harry Dixon
Marketing Assistant

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