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June Update

Team Update from Steve

June has been an interesting month for the Tick9 team. A lot of the pieces of the puzzle are being put into place on various projects. The team has been stretched to deal with the increased flow of work incoming to the business. We spoke to Director Steve Fewster about how we have worked together efficiently. 

“I’m very pleased with how the team has come together in June across all types of projects. Luke has been working exceptionally hard on our low-code and integration projects. He has delivered these to an exceptional standard. Rob and Sue have been working together effectively on our data reporting projects. They make sure our clients troubleshooting issues are dealt with quickly, as I work on the project management for new and existing clients.

I know Harry is working on some exciting new case study projects. We want to share to show how we have improved our clients workflows and integrated legacy systems. All exciting stuff that hopefully we will be sharing more of in the next 4-12 weeks. In the meantime the message to the team is ‘well done on a great month in June!”

Working with HIP to hire a new Intern

We’re in the final stages of recruiting a new intern to join the tick9 team. We hope we can bring the best out of whoever this is and they are another addition, in the long run, to the tick9 team. Thank you to Paul Thorpe and the Humber Internship Programme for supporting us in the process.

Increasing our work with the Halma Group, Case Study coming on Novabone during July

The team is putting together the pieces to showcase our work with Novabone, who deliver regenerative biologics in the dental and orthopedic markets. As part of the wider Halma group, Novabone do vital work around bone regeneration, these vital innovations aim to help save and make lives better. 

Our own innovations and solutions aim to help Novabone analyse their data more effectively in order to focus on their product portfolio and grow the company in new and existing regions.

Innovation on our website

During June, we have offered more access to some of our solutions. Whether you’re a new/existing client who may want to learn more about these solutions or a worker in the field wanting to know more about what we do. Our Hazard Identification application, built in Appsmith, is now available for you to try out at the following link: Stay tuned for more low-code solutions and demonstrations as this field grows in popularity across the wider technology and software sector.

Also, we showcase a Qlik sense reporting demo at the following URL: . It showcases some of the methodologies of data reporting in the manufacturing industry. Specifically regarding real-time data which is a heavily trending topic in Smart Manufacturing.

Hazard Identification Application now live

That’s all for the month of June, appreciating the hard work from the team and looking toward the expansion and growth of Tick9. Hopefully the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Tick9 visit our website here:

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Harry Dixon
Marketing Assistant

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