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Part 2: Power BI Insights

Novabone Power BI Insights

In our Novabone case study, we are showing some of the work we do to assist their Power BI reporting. The first set of insights we have discussed relating to Novabone are available here:

This article will discuss sales history, forecasting and mapping. All these possibilities of analysis have been made available to Novabone giving them a 360 degree view of their company sales and forecasting.

Sales History

We may want to ask other questions about our data such as, what is the best month/quarter for sales.  An additional requirement was to show a breakdown of ‘sales by week’ showing the trend. In the graph below, we can see which months and quarters perform above average and that for all years the trend is progressive.  If we slice this weekly data by year, we can gain insight into the progression throughout a year. For example, ‘Do the sales mostly occur in the first half of the year?’

We can also see a breakdown of Product Category by utilising a clustered column chart. Our Power BI expertise is able to offer this by manipulating the existing visuals and training the client in how to attain the visuals they need in their reporting.

Power BI Visualisation of Total Sales History

The plot below suggests in a previous year that most sales come earlier in the year.

Total Sales by Week in Power BI


A major client request was to incorporate ‘Forecasting’.  I created a format for the forecasts to be stored in a spreadsheet and to take advantage of their CRM, SharePoint. This allows a user to update the forecasts on demand.  This was possible by utilizing Power Query to use pivoting techniques to transform the data from, an easy to use matrix format, where forecasts are input, into a tabular format that Power BI can use to slice and dice the data. 

Spreadsheet Data to monitor Forecasts

At this point we had the ability to monitor the sales and forecasts, to show how the client’s sales were progressing.  By showing sales and forecast information in KPIs and informative visuals, we can give our client a clear view of the current situation.  In the graphs below, we can compare how far we are into the month compared to how much of the forecast has been achieved.  In addition, we can check progress for the sales and forecasts so far in the current year.

Forecasting Visualisation in Power BI


Another way we can show sales data is by mapping the sales by country.  By importing custom maps we were able to give our client a different perspective on the spread of sales.

Global Map of Sales by Country

These mapping visuals allow a user to zoom in and out at will.  By including custom dimensions into the data, we can also show a perspective on continents as well. 

Continental Map of Sales by Country

These are just some of the insights we have given Novabone, in their Power BI reporting. The ability to analyse forecasting will give our client the opportunity to understand their data and make informed decisions with confidence. This is key to improving data literacy and confidence, which we aim to give to all of our clients.

To see more of our other work visit our case studies page at:

I hope you’ve learned about some of the insights we can offer your business.

Thanks, Rob.

Rob Farrington
Data Engineer

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