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July Update

Intro to July

Throughout July the Tick9 team have been very busy on our projects and are working hard to make sure nothing gets missed as we go through holiday season. We had a company birthday with myself turning 24 this month, congratulations from the team were well received, so thank you team!

In other exciting news, our software developer Luke has moved back to the Hull area, meaning we will be able to have much more in person contact across the team!! We look forward to that and hope Luke’s move is a successful one.

Welcome Adam!!

As of last week, we have added Adam Beckerleg to our growing team as an Intern Software Developer. We look forward to seeing Adam’s progress over the next 12 weeks and welcome him to the Tick9 team. You’ll be hearing more from Adam and what he’s been working on throughout the process.

In more good news a new internship, for a Business Data Analyst, has just been released in partnership with HIP. You can find the details of this internship at this link.

Thank you to Paul Thorpe and the Humber Internship Programme for supporting us in the recruitment of Adam!!

Tick9 Monthly Meeting at Hull University Business School

Q&A with Novabone CFO and VP of Strategic Marketing, Kathleen Reilly

What was the brief you gave Tick9 and the problems you wanted us to solve?

We were challenged with getting data out of our system easily/ rapidly and consistently processing in the same way. We wanted to be able to parse ERP data in different ways to enable decision making. This knowledge enables us to recognize opportunities and threats to the business and act on them more quickly.

Are the processes and visibility of financial trends something that other CFO’s from similar sized companies are having issues with?

Yes, I’m sure there are other companies who are struggling with the same. We were looking to bring visibility to trends in financial performance..  Their problems may be slightly different than ours, but access to data is something that many CFOs from small companies struggle with.

Why would you recommend working with us?

The Tick9 team assisted me by talking through conceptual metrics/ measures until we settled on a solution. The solutions we finalised together are quick and the team is easy to work with.

Tick9 and Novabone Partnership

Rob’s Power BI Insights

During July, we have given more insights into some of our solutions. Whether you’re a new/existing client who may want to learn more about these solutions or a worker in the field wanting to know more about what we do. Our Data Engineer, Rob Farrington, has written two articles based on Power BI financial reporting.

The first article, which you can find here details how to create reports on sales overview, growth and product overviews. Rob has gave some great insights into how to delve into your data with Power BI. He’ll be producing more of these types of blogs throughout the year.

That’s all for the month of July, appreciating the hard work from the team and looking toward the expansion and growth of Tick9. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Tick9 visit our website here:

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Harry Dixon
Marketing Assistant

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