Case study

Young’s Foods.

‘Tick 9 has been a major component in turning our business around. I’ve never found anybody else who can find the right data you’re looking for and establish the correct systems in the business to enable their use.’

– David Young


Sharpax, Qlik




Hull, Yorkshire


e-Commerce site, Customer Management

Client brief
  • Make the existing CRM and ERP systems more customisable.
  • Increase the speed from picking an order into generating an invoice.
  • Digitally integrate online systems.
  • Give the ability to order stock predictively through data analysis.
Challenges faced
  • Finding the right ERP system, with the ability to be customised
  • An integrated e-commerce solution requires constant monitoring to ensure its’ fluidity
  • Making live data available in the office to senior management
Solution delivered
  • Deployed Qlik reporting to manage sales, margin analysis and customer retention.
  • Helped secure grant funding for the selection and deployment of a new ERP system.
  • Deployed an e-commerce solution with integration to the ERP system, allows customers to order online quickly.

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