tick9 will help you define and deliver your data needs.

We can identify the best fit for your business across our toolkit and deliver them to benefit your business. To read about the solutions we can integrate see below.

We help a wide range of diverse businesses align their short term and long term plans to a sound technology platform.

Our solutions work across all types of business sectors, as we offer three main services which can be translated to any business.

Qlik real-time reporting is used across many of our clients. We can find and clean the data you want access to and display on dashboards live in your business. From employee performance, monitoring work capacity to managing sales margins there are a wide array of options with Qlik.

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Qlik Partnership here

At tick9, we are using Power BI on projects analysing sales, employee activity, customer activity and customer finances. For help in any of these fields Power BI is an excellent tool to integrate into your Microsoft platform.

An embedded solution within Microsoft 365. PowerApps gives the ability to build internal applications in a low code environment. Connect your data and enhance your businesses active intelligence.

Metabase can open up data for your whole team, not just analysts and developers. Data
visualisation can be explored through the intuitive interface. tick9 can manage your database via Metabase keeping your business running at optimum efficiency.

A low-code tool used to create internal apps for your business. We currently have live apps deployed, managing sales and hazard monitoring. If you want to use an
alternative to cloud software, Appsmith is an excellent internal solution.

Zoho has developed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which allows
businesses to manage their customer base. This solution has been highly successful in
deployment, allowing clients to monitor Key Performance Indicators.

An accounting tool that we have helped deploy and manage with our clients. tick9 can integrate your Xero software with other systems in your business to be able to manage your finances better.

An accounting tool that we have helped deploy and customise with our clients. tick9 can make your Sage 200 data more accessible with seamless integration into other applications.

Cyferd, the AI-led, data-driven digital transformation platform, is revolutionising the way businesses operate in the digital age.

Whether you’re replacing legacy systems, augmenting existing solutions, or striving for continual business evolution and refinement, Cyferd can adapt to your unique needs.

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If the solutions in our toolkit don’t fit your specific requirements then we have the ability to custom-build a solution for you. We tailor solutions across desktop, mobile and the cloud.

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