About us

Manage your data.
Know your business.

We believe data is the key to all successful businesses. Ensuring the right data is available to the right people at the right time, allows you to understand your business better.

Our mission is to deliver Intelligent Business Execution for our clients.

Our small team of people are working hard to deliver sophisticated yet easy to manage solutions. Using best practices and modern technology to ease the pain of integration and system deployment

Meet the team

Solution Architect

Steve Fewster

‘Can we do it! the answer is always yes, yet the question is whether we should or need to.’

Steve is the founder of Tick 9 and will be your point of contact when working with us. He ensures your business will run effectively, and efficiently, using the tools we offer.

Software developer

Luke Arran

‘Attention to detail and personal pride in the quality of the software we deliver. Security, performance and useability come first.’

Luke graduated from the University of Hull with a BS in Computer Science, and his expertise in software development is outstanding. His main focus will be the implementation of bespoke
software solutions for your business.

Data engineer

Sue Fewster

Sue is heavily involved in data based projects for our clients. Having an extensive IT development background, has meant Sue has learned quickly in similar areas with Tick 9.

She can provide logical solutions to any problems presented with data intelligence and business solutions.


Harry Dixon

Harry is generating the content output across social media channels. He graduated from the University of Leeds with an MA in Advertising and Marketing, and will be responsible for working alongside our key partners to create future marketing strategies for Tick 9.

Data engineer

Rob Farrington

Rob has much experience within database design, creating bespoke solutions to collect data for various clients. This has progressed into reporting and data analysis, by extracting data from existing systems, and providing a new perspective on data using industry standard software.

Behind all successful business lies a suite of capable solutions seamlessly integrated, providing ease of use for the staff whilst providing key data to decision makers.

We help a wide range of diverse businesses align their short term and long term plans to a sound technology platform.

Our solutions work across all types of business sectors, as we offer three main services which can be translated to any business.

Interpreting your requirements

Deploying, improving and supporting those platforms

Overlaying existing
and new technology


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