About us

Manage your data.
Know your business.

We believe data is the key to all successful businesses. Ensuring the right data is available to the right people at the right time, allows you to understand your business better.

Our mission is to deliver Intelligent Business Execution for our clients.

Our team deliver sophisticated yet easy to manage solutions. Using best practices and modern technology to ease the pain of integration and system deployment.

Meet the team


Steve Fewster

‘Can we do it! the answer is always yes, yet the question is whether we should or need to.’

Steve is the Director of tick9 and uses his extensive business consultancy experience to architect the solutions our team deploys. He ensures your business will run effectively, and efficiently, using the tools we offer.

Project manager

Bee Allinson

Bee is a natural leader, who excels at planning, organising, and executing complex projects.

With a sharp attention to detail and a proven track record of delivering results, she is a vital part of the tick9 team. She is adept at working with stakeholders at all levels, ensuring that everyone is aligned and moving in the same direction.

Sales and marketing executive

Harry Dixon

Harry is a skilled communicator with a passion for driving growth and engagement. Working deeply with tick9 customers to figure out their needs and ensuring they are happy with successfully deployed solutions.

He is involved with all aspects of the team to develop marketing content and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Data engineer

Sue Fewster

Sue is an invaluable asset to tick9 with her experience in date engineering allowing her to harness the power of data to drive business success.

Sue is comfortable working with cross-functional teams and a multitude of systems across the financing sector. She has the ability to turn complex data challenges into successful business solutions.

Data engineer

Rob Farrington

Rob has a wealth of technical knowledge in a variety of data-related fields. These include database design, data modelling, data warehousing and data integration.

He is highly skilled in working with a range of databases, including SQL and has experience working with a number of big data technologies such as Power BI.

Data AND AI engineer

James Lucas

James is highly proficient in both Machine Learning and Qlik, providing appropriate visualisations and insights for key company stakeholders.

Analysis and integration of data is part of his skillset to deliver actionable reporting and dashboards for our clients.

Senior developer

Simon Kidd

Simon is passionate about delivering high-quality code and ensuring applications function as the customer expects. With expertise in a variety of programming languages and frameworks he is equipped to tackle complex development challenges.

He is always looking for innovation and improvement, using the latest techniques to drive our solutions forward.

Junior developer

Adam Beckerleg

Adam is a talented problem-solver, with growing expertise in a number of development areas.

Delivering on various projects for tick9, including low code applications and web-based applications, Adam has proven himself adept at delivering value on our client projects.

Behind all successful business lies a suite of capable solutions seamlessly integrated, providing ease of use for the staff whilst providing key data to decision makers.

We help a wide range of diverse businesses align their short term and long term plans to a sound technology platform.

Our solutions work across all types of business sectors, as we offer three main services which can be translated to any business.

Interpreting your requirements

Deploying, improving and supporting those platforms

Overlaying existing
and new technology


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