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Data in Manufacturing: Driving a Sustainable Future

In this blog, we will look at data within manufacturing and how it could give the ability to make factories and warehouses more sustainable. At Tick 9, we are currently working to help local manufacturing firms harness the power of their data to increase efficiency and power a sustainable movement.

In Gartner’s 3rd annual CDO survey poor data literacy was cited by 35%, of CDO’s surveyed, as being the highest internal roadblock to success. We interpret this to be a lack of understanding of data and, particularly in the manufacturing industry, real-time machine data. This type of data integration from machine to dashboard, in real-time, could give businesses key insights into their performance.

The Tick 9 Project?

We believe the analysis of machinery can lead to less waste in the manufacturing process. We have implemented a data solution, in a manufacturing factory,  which can analyse the parameters an item of machinery works within. Analysing the trends of real-time machine data will allow us to know when the machine is not manufacturing the desired product. More importantly, as we learn more from a machine’s working parameters, predictions before the manufacturing process breaks down can be made. This means the machine has the potential to be fixed before a large amount of waste is created, making the manufacturing process more sustainable.

Working in a factory with numerous machines, it can be difficult to keep on top of all maintenance work and this is why data can be so important to the manufacturing industry. Eliminating downtime, increasing equipment efficiency and improving product quality are all valuable propositions to the manufacturing process.

The untapped potential of real-time machine data integration, from these types of machinery, can give businesses a clear understanding of how a sustainable operation can be created. Having actionable intelligence from your machinery is key to sustainability.

Hope you enjoyed our insight into our manufacturing data solutions, please get in contact if you want to learn more about these exciting projects.

Harry Dixon
Marketing Assistant

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