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Why should you be using low-code applications?

At Tick 9 we have begun using Appsmith across many different types of projects. So far it has been successfully deployed in various clients and we thought it would be beneficial to start writing some step by step guides going through some of the key features offered by Appsmith. Below is a little description of what Appsmith is.

Appsmith is an open-source low-code development tool for rapidly building bespoke internal applications for your organisation. Appsmith provides you with the tools to create an application which can create, read, update and delete from an external datasource (e.g Microsoft SQL, Xero, Sage 200). In this guide – we’ll walk you through how you can connect your Xero account to Appsmith in order to create an application around it’s data. 

In our introduction, we wanted to talk through some of the key benefits of using open-source and low-code development. For many SME businesses and start-ups, there are many ways to use low code or  no code applications to benefit your business, and boost your brand at the same  time.  

Low-code development allows you to rapidly design enterprise-ready apps, build  beautiful UIs, and integrate people, technologies, data, and systems into a single  workflow to accelerate business results. Low-code helps to create engaging and  consistent user experiences across web, mobile, and other digital touchpoints. Low-code development makes changing apps—adapting them to suit new requirements—easy. Without requiring complex coding, low-code development facilitates immediate change when it’s called for.  So you can meet regulatory requirements and stay ahead of deadlines. Other benefits include faster transformation, better customer experience and higher productivity.

We hope you enjoyed our discussion on the benefits of low-code solutions, our new series written by our developer Luke Arran will focus on connecting an external data source into Appsmith.

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