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Part 2: Power BI Insights

Novabone Power BI Insights In our Novabone case study, we are showing some of the work we do to assist their Power BI reporting. The first set of insights we have discussed relating to Novabone are available here: This article will discuss sales history, forecasting and mapping. All these possibilities of analysis have been made … Read more

Part 1: Power BI Insights

Novabone Insights in Power BI Welcome to an insight into how I construct data, within Power BI. At Tick9, we provide different lenses of focus for our clients. This first part will delve into a sales overview, business growth and product overview. Also, a disclaimer that the data used in this blog is not real and … Read more

Chapter 1 – How to Connect the Xero API to Appsmith

Appsmith is an open-source low-code development tool for rapidly building bespoke internal applications for your organisation. Appsmith provides you with the tools to create an application which can create, read, update and delete from an external datasource (e.g Microsoft SQL, Xero, Sage 200). In this guide – we’ll walk you through how you can connect … Read more

Data Privacy Day

On Data Privacy Day, Tick 9 has one simple question. That’s the question many businesses are asking themselves. As the trend of data analytics continues, and you begin to understand your data, the benefits to the business become invaluable. However, is this confidential company data stored securely on your platform. The Gartner survey in 2022 … Read more