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Data Privacy Day

On Data Privacy Day, Tick 9 has one simple question.

That’s the question many businesses are asking themselves. As the trend of data analytics continues, and you begin to understand your data, the benefits to the business become invaluable. However, is this confidential company data stored securely on your platform.

The Gartner survey in 2022 has indicated that a priority investment of business leaders is their data security. The analytics suggest that by 2025, 80% of organisations will unsuccessfully scale their business due to the lack of a modern approach to data governance. As you embed more analytics, share APIs, access more data, you will require more protection against failures. This does not mean that the processes will be slowed down, we can build new methods of interweaving systems and processes securely. The interoperability provided can allow businesses to share with their partners in joint-value chains, meaning protections on your data are not just peace of mind, but can lead to new business opportunities. 

We spoke to one of our clients, to discuss the benefits they’ve had from having trust in the security of their data. Trust in this system was gained from the training, that Tick 9 has given, on their platform to key team members. Now a secure, trustworthy governance system is in place; the business can make key decisions for their growth.

‘The system has given us a really secure platform. We can absolutely customise as much as we want, I’m always asking Tick 9 to do different things for us and do different things ourselves so when we eventually grow into more markets we can just add another page to let us do that, rather than being restricted.’

Having trust in your data is key to future plans for growth in a business, your security can be governed by us to give you new opportunities.

Hope this helps on Data Privacy Day, if you want to chat with us further email us at:

Harry Dixon
Marketing Assistant

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